Changelog: v3


Recent Changes

v3.8.47 2021-07-26

Code Updates

  • Users can now search by set code (ie M13, CMD, MH2, AFR) in the marketplace and send cards screens, as well as the search-from-anywhere popup that triggers when you press any key outside of an input box.
  • Fixed price history charts for many foil-only cards.
  • Fixed broken chat window user profile link on certain pages.

v3.8.45 2021-06-01

Code Updates

  • Added the ability to add a USPS tracking id to outgoing trades and the ability for both sender and receiver to check the live USPS tracking status.

v3.8.44 2021-05-27

Code Updates

  • Fixed an issue which was causing some members, who had sold cards on the Marketplace, to experience cards missing from their Have list. When the "allow other users to buy cards from my have list" toggle is switched on, a new filter is visible on users' own Have lists. This filters cards based on their "status" - whether or not they are for sale. If a user then switched off the "allow users to buy cards" toggle, the "status" filter would be hidden but stuck in whatever state it was last set in. In effect, it would be invisibly filtering out cards from the Have list.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the expansion dropdown when viewing your own Have list to be unresponsive and unusable. You can now select a different edition from the dropdown.   

v3.8.43 2021-04-06

Code Updates

  • Fixed a major issue which was preventing payment with a credit card to upgrade membership to uncommon or rare tier.

v3.8.42 2021-03-14

Code Updates

  • Fixed an issue which prevented users from submitting reply messages to cases with a large number of cards in the package.
  • Fixed the search interface on the package view.

v3.8.41 2021-02-24

Code Updates

  • Fixed an issue causing search on the send package view to fail.
  • When a user's membership subscription ends, their marketplace setting is now automatically turned to "off" to prevent other users from attempting to buy.
  • Fixed an issue where the details page of cards that do not have a foil version or are only foil would fail to load the price history chart. 
  • Fixed some broken admin page editing features.

v3.8.4 2021-02-17

Code Updates

  • Restored foil pricing to the price history chart on the card details page, as well as the set release icons.
  • Fixed the price flag button on the card details page. Reports of bad card prices were not going through.
  • Fix for some users who are not able to set their default bonus percentage from the settings page.

v3.8.31 2021-01-15

Today it came to our attention that our credit card payment processing system has been failing since 12/14/20, primarily affecting users who were attempting to upgrade their membership plan using a credit card. This issue has been fixed as of today. If you tried to upgrade your membership since 12/14/20 and encountered an error, please try again, as this error has now been resolved. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. All existing membership plans were unaffected by this issue.

Code Updates

  • Fixed the credit card payment processing system which was failing and preventing users from upgrading their membership since 12/14/20.

v3.8.3 2021-01-13

Code Updates

  • Fixed an issue where the "Note" field for want list items was not saving correctly when editing.

v3.8.2 2020-12-17

Code Updates

  • Fixed an issue causing case resolution to fail in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Marketplace and other preferences settings from saving correctly and in some cases clearing out the old settings.
  • Restored broken card price flagging functionality

v3.8.1 2020-12-16

Code Updates

  • Fixed an issue where haves and wants were not displaying on the card details page for sending and buying.
  • Restored the coin sound effect.
  • Restored Twitter login.
  • Refactored several slow queries around the site.
  • Fixed failing /cards/expansions page.
  • Fixed failing text search on various card lists around the site.
  • Fixed pagination on Send Packages view.
  • Fixed bad "recent" trades shown on cards that only exist in foil, such as FNM promos.

v3.8.0 2020-12-14

Server updates

  • Major server infrastructure refactor and overhaul.
  • Major internal supporting code framework update, upgrading all versions of supporting software to most current. 

v3.7.794 2020-11-11

Code Updates

  • Added a "status" filter to Have list for premium users. This allows users to filter their Have list to show only cards for sale on the marketplace, only cards not for sale, all cards, or cards that are marked "not for trade".

v3.7.793 2020-09-15

Code Updates

  • Fixed a bug where user's own have lists appeared to be missing many cards.

v3.7.792 2020-09-12

Code Updates

  • Added language, rarity and foil filters to user profile have and want lists. Missing these was creating a bug where the cached filters could get locked when they were modified from other views (such as the add card to package dialog) and without the filter interface, it was impossible to reset them.

v3.7.75 2019-08-31

Code Updates

  • Fixed a bug where the sort column "bonus %" was erroneously visible on the Have list and Watch list. If a user clicked this sort column or selected it from the sort dropdown menu, the page would crash and none of their lists would be visible.

v3.7.74 2019-07-28

Code Updates

  • Fixed a bug with the trade cancel function where, as a sender, if you click "create case" and then "i need to cancel my trade" from a trade in a tab that had been open longer than 30 minutes, it would erroneously show you the "this trade has been open for less than 30 minutes" message, but would get stuck there.
  • If you are looking at a trade's details popup from your "sending" page and you send a user more points, the system will now catch their new point total and allow you to add more cards to their package.
  • Fixed a bug with foil wants with multiple editions selected where the system would erroneously always choose the highest value selected edition when committing a trade including one of these wants.
  • If you have multiple editions selected for a want, the system will now always show you the highest value set icon to match the displayed highest  price on your wants page.
  • Fixed a bug where, if the top featured offer on the card details page did not include NM or EN, the page would show the wrong card value. When a user would click "Send" they would see the correct price, which was confusing to users.
  • Fixed a bug where, if you were adding a card to your want list, and the top offer for that card had multiple editions selected, the "top offer" section in the add card popup would show the highest value edition that the top offer had selected, which could be much higher than the particular edition the user is looking at in the popup.
  • Made the "top offer" and "last trade" sections of the add want popup clickable so that they copy either the top offer or last trade promotion percentage to the percentage input in the popup interface.

v3.7.72 2019-07-20

Code Updates

  • Fixed a bug where, if you had a want with mulitiple editions selected, then edited that want using the inline editor on your wants page, the pricing would get scrambled when someone sent you that card.
  • Cleaned the database of scrambled records affected by this bug.

v3.7.71 2019-07-19

Code Updates

  • Fixed a lot of foil wants for cards which had no foil version and vice-a-versa, which would appear on send lists with a 0pp value.
  • All trades worth 0pp are now hidden from sending screens.
  • You can now set your default bonus to "0%" from the settings / trade preferences screen.
  • Added a quantity input when adding a card to your have list from either the inline card adder on the have list or the popup. This will add mulitple separate copies to your have list.
  • Fixed an issue where foil wants in the top featured spot on the card details page were impossible to send in certain cases, and showed a "NaN" bonus %.
  • Fixed an issue where wants that had gone above their "max buy" price were still showing up on the packages screen and in some cases still possible to send.
  • Fixed an issue where using the "set bonus for all wants" interface from your wants list would affect the bonus % on both cards from your MTGO and paper list regardless of your selection and copy the incorrect price to your wants. For instance, if you had selected "paper" when using the interface, it would set all of your MTGO wants to the same bonus you were trying to set for only paper wants and the MTGO wants would have the prices of different paper cards.
  • Fixed an issue where when composing a package on mobile, the price of the card is hidden by the bonus %.
  • Fixed an issue where, when sending a card with mulitiple expansions selected, the system would check the user's point balance against the highest priced version of the card you are trying to send instead of the version that you had selected and, in some cases, tell you erroneously that the user couldn't afford the card and block the trade.

v3.7.70 2019-07-12

Code Updates

  • Bonus percent per card is now displayed from the outgoing and incoming trades screens and case details screens.
  • "Auto adjust price" is now default set to "on".
  • You can now set a default "Auto adjust price" setting for all new wants from the settings / trade prefs screen.
  • Updated copy on the "my price" tooltip for clairty in the add new want popup. Explains how to set your price.
  • Added the set icon and name to the "my price" line to indicate which price you are looking at / should use as a baseline for setting your price, in the event that you have multiple editions selected.
  • The featured top slot on the card details screen now sorts based on 1) highest bonus percentage, 2) member with highest membership status in the event of a tie 3) oldest want in the event of a tie.
  • The Discord link now works as an invite for users who have not yet joined the channel and points to the pucatrade_help channel.
  • Added a link to the add new want popup which takes you to your trade preferences in the settings screen. It includes a tooltip explaining that you can set defaults for all new wants.
  • Restored the "paid" indicator and warning message for old promotions that were made when the fee was still paid up front.
  • The warning message tooltip on your want list for wants who have dropped below 0% bonus is now no longer cut off on smaller screens and mobile.
  • In the compose trade popup, 0% bonuses are now colored red in each place.
  • Changed the error copy for trades when composing and the total is "0" for some error reason.
  • Fixed a bug where, when you want multiple editions of a card, and auto adjust is off, your price and bonus in the top featured slot on the card details page would be wildly inflated. 

v3.7.69 2019-06-30

Code Updates

  • All wants with a bonus % below 0 are now hidden from all places where trades can be initiated.
  • Added a warning to your own want list when your want's bonus % is below 0.
  • Changed funcitonality of the blue question mark icon. It now brings up a modal poup with several support resources.

v3.7.68 2019-06-29

Code Updates

  • Adjusted text on warning popup when deleting a want from the edit overlay.
  • Added bonus % to mobile wants view.
  • Changed trade fee language in ledger.
  • Using the inline card adder from your want list, it now correctly sets the bonus % to your default value instead of 0%.
  • Wants foil status is now editable from the want edit overlay.


v3.7.67 2019-06-28

Code Updates

  • Removed the dropdown for "all my wants" and "promoted wants" from the want list.
  • "best offers" filter now filters out trades that are below the suggested bonus % amount (which is 50% at the time of this writing).
  • Added a "bonus" sort to all card lists.
  • Fixed some package value display issues.
  • Removed the old "promoted" styling from wants, which featured gold lettering and a small "p" icon.

v3.7.66 2019-06-27

Code Updates

  • On the card details page, wants with a bonus of 0% or less are now filtered out of the top featured slot.
  • Fixed a bug where wants with multiple editions selected were erroneously featured in the top offer slot on the card details page if the want had another edition selected that was a higher value than the one being viewed. The algorithm now selects the top featured offer based on highest bonus % amount, not highest point value.
  • Discord link now opens in a new tab

v3.7.64 2019-06-25

Code Updates

  • All wants are now created with a name your own price / bonus % interface. A global default suggested bonus rate of 50% is set when adding a card to your want list. 
  • Setting added to settings page under the trade preferences section. You can now set your own default bonus rate for all new wants.
  • Link to the pucatrade Discord channel was added to the navbar.
  • Various bugs were fixed with the pricing interface when adding a card to your want list and naming your own price and percentage.
  • Nexus now shows higher value cards in the "trades happening now" section. The text now links to a trade trends page.
  • Number of articles displayed on Nexus was reduced to 3 from 6.
  • Ported some interactive pricing functions over to the client side from the server side to improve stability and reduce load on the server.
  • Add card to want list interface now contains pricing data regarding recent trades of the card and current top offer of the card as well as the lowest and higest version of those you have selected regarding language, condition and edition.
  • Wants with a custom price can now have a multiple quantity without spawning multiple copies of the want with the custom price.
  • Wants with a custom price can now have multiple editions selected.
  • When sending a card with a custom price, the price now adjusts relative to the edition and language and condition as you set them in the compose trade interface.
  • Some card list filter queries optimized for performance.

v3.7.47 2019-04-18

Code Updates

  • Fixed a bug causing a generic error to pop up covering the screen and the trades fetch to fail when on certain card details pages or filtering by "promoted trades" on the send cards page or send package page.

v3.7.45 2019-04-12

Code Updates

  • Fixed a bug where when using the "any edition" setting and promoting a card with multiple editions to your want list, the first edition would be automatically selected, regardless of which edition you selected.
  • When composing a trade, show a breakown of the fees paid by the receiver. This helps to understand when a receiver can't afford a package with the extra promotion fees.
  • Fixed a bug where sending gift cards was not possible.
  • When promoting a card, the price and percentage will now adjust based on the languages and conditions selected.
  • Fixed a bug where, when using the "set bonus for all wants" feature and selecting the "all my wants" option, all un-promoted wants would then be promoted at the given bonus percentage, but they would lose their condition and language settings and thus be un-send-able.
  • Fixed a bug where editing the language selected for a promoted want would cause the price to increase wildly.

v3.7.3 2019-03-03

Code Updates

  • Fixed a bug where non-promoted wants were showing a promotion fee when viewing your own want list.
  • Fixed a bug where, when promoting a card and the escape key is pressed, the dialog did not fully close.
  • When composing a package to send that exceeds the receiver's available points, a red message just above the commit button now explains that they do not have enough points.
  • Fixed a bug where adding a promoted card to an already committed package would fail to charge the promotion fee.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing non-promoted wants from being updated with the daily market price.
  • Fixed a bug where a want with multiple editions selected would show the price of the wrong edition when looking at the list of wants from the card details page.
  • Fixed a bug where using the quick add interface when viewing your own want list would fail to respect the paper / mtgo toggle and add broken cards to the want list.
  • The "promoted trades" filter on the send packages view now filters out all non-promoted cards from packages.
  • Added a filter for minimum bonus percentage to the send cards interface.
  • Fixed a bug where when composing a package, changing the condition and language of a card would not change the value of the card.
  • When creating a promoted want, adjusting the languages accepted will adjust the promotion price to give you a baseline.
  • Added a rare tier button on the want list which allows the user to adjust the bonus percentage for all of their wants at once.
  • Set the default filter for all users on the send cards page viewing promoted wants to be minimum 50% bonus.
  • Added a new "any" option in the editions dropdown which selects all available editions. Also added a setting on the settings page to set this "any" option to be the default every time a new want is created.
  • Added a recent trade history table to the card details page which also shows an average market value and average market bonus amount for completed trades of that card.

v3.6.1 2018-12-23

Code Updates

  • Updated PayPal account upgrade process to conform with new PayPal API requirements. Changes to PayPal's API had broken the account upgrade process.

v3.6.1 2018-12-10

Code Updates

  • Fixed an issue where promoting multiple copies of a card at once would cause the promotion fee to also be multiplied.
  • Fixed an issue where, when viewing the site while not logged in, scrolling in the browser was disabled.
  • Fixed an issue where promoting MTGO cards would sometimes cause an incorrect card value to be used.

v3.6.0 2018-12-01

Code Updates

  • Promoted wants now charge the promotion fee at the time of trade initiation, instead of at the time of promotion creation. This allows users to promote cards without needing points to pay for the promotion fee up front.
  • Promoted wants can be created as a flat bonus fee or with a percentage based on the card base price that will adjust automatically as card prices fluxuate naturally.
  • Old promotions are flagged with a visual indicator on your own want list which says "PAID", indicating that the promotion fee has already been paid at the time of promo creation.
  • Package view now shows total package promotion value, if any.
  • The trade compose view now shows bonus percentage instead of bonus puca points.
  • Hovering on the card price of a promoted trade in your own wants list will show a breakdown of the bonus percentage and base price and fees.
  • Your own want list now shows the promotion fee as well in the price column.
  • Send cards page now shows promoted card percentage delta.
  • Promoted wants are now fully editable from your wants page.
  • Language in the promote card dialog has changed slightly to explain percentage versus flat bonus and promotion fee estimate.
  • Promotions on wants can now be cancelled by editing the want and using the "Cancel Promotion" button

v3.5.7.2 2018-2-26

Code Updates

  • Fix for getting Promoted Want warning when removing regular want 
  • Removal of buy more links from Promoted Want and PucaShield Modals if you didn't have enough points

v3.5.7 2018-2-17

Code Updates

  • Want promotion via own want list
  • Want promotion "unlocking" of existing wants
  • Want promotion with quantity
  • Want promotion via search
  • Want promotion edit & display original card price
  • Tour Update
  • Chat window titlebar pop on new message
  • Fix chat window switching between different members
  • Fix chat window link and styles
  • Ignore cancelled trades on sending/receiving totals
  • Prevent double-click badness
  • Case email fix
  • Case pricing display fix on promoted items
  • Missing languages card script
  • Min buy edit fix
  • Logged out card language page fix
  • Different Excludes for Missing Language Cards
  • Remove Buy Points


v3.5.6 2017-10-24

Code Updates

  • Pre-populate Languages + Condition preferences on new Promoted Wants
  • PucaDues Display Fixes
  • Full Art Land Pricing Fix
  • Fixed Sending / Receiving Fetching Trades issue on IE11 & Samsung Internet
  • Prevent Malformed Promoted Wants


v3.5.5 2017-10-10

Code Updates

  • Common PucaDues visible from Membership Settings
  • Copy Trade to CSV from Sending / Receiving for Uncommon / Rare
  • Tightened up Profile CSS, added commas to some numbers
  • Prevent Old Ghostly Haves from Automatching
  • Admin Case Fixes and other backend work
  • Admin Pre-release Promo Creator + Card Copier & Expansion Tools


v3.5.4 2017-9-29

Code Updates

  • Allies
  • Ledger Optimizations
  • CSS Fixes for Annoying Offset Country Icons
  • Added Notes to Promotions Trends & Regenerating More Often
  • Changed Quick Search Suggestion from 2 -> 3 Characters


v3.5.3 2017-9-14

Code Updates

  • New Promotions Trends Page for Uncommon + Rare
  • Common Members can now Want Foil Cards
  • Display Foil + Non-Foil Promos on Card Pages
  • Changed Delivery Estimate Calculation to base off Shipped Date
  • Hide Banned Members from Card Promotions
  • Smarter Want List Regeneration
  • Fixed Issue Regarding Cancelled / Re-Committed Promoted Wants
  • Fixed Foil Only flag bug on Promoted Wants
  • Fixed Want List "0 Points on Edit" bug


v3.5.2 2017-6-28

Code Updates

  • Sweet Spoiler Scripts
  • Defer Regen on Package Confirm
  • Don't Delete Promoted Wants on Want List Deletion (Collection Tab)
  • Multi-Want Regen Enhance / Prevent Missing Wants
  • Hide Meaningless Zero Value on Own Card Lists (Visual Mode Only)


v3.5.1 2017-6-20

Code Updates

  • MTGO and Paper Importer Fixes
  • Import Foil / Non-Foil Expansions
  • Customize Profile Background: Instant Update
  • Faster MTGO Trade API
  • Prevent Zero Promoted Price Issue
  • Prevent Promoted Sort on Haves
  • Better Card Price Regen Scripts


v3.5.0 2017-6-5

Code Updates

  • More tolerant "Searching for Tomorrow"
  • Prices on Individual Cards in Sending/Receiving
  • Better Sort-by-Set on Card Lists
  • Shift+Enter in Chat Boxes creates Newline
  • Better Advanced Search by Expansion Code
  • New User Tour Enhancements
  • Prevent Empty Invites
  • Clean up Unused Code
  • Better Multi-Expansion Want Automatching
  • No More PucaShield on MTGO
  • Better Email Message Redirection
  • Promoted Amount Input Fix
  • View Trade Details State fix 
  • Unsendable Promoted Want fix
  • Additional Backend Processing Scripts

Data Updates since Previous Release

  • Commander Anthology
  • Collector’s Edition
  • International Edition 


v3.4.9 2017-5-9

Code Updates

  • Filter Promoted Wants on Packages
  • Better Call-Out of Promotions on Packages
  • Better AutoMatching on Promotions within Packages
  • Load only 10 cards per trade on Sending / Receiving
  • Hide Negative Bonuses on Card Promoted Want Slot
  • Promoted Card Adder now Respects Page Language
  • Quick Search Filter inside Add Card to Open Package Modal
  • Better Available_Haves Generation
  • Confirm Password Change on Settings
  • Better Foil Point Sorting on Advanced Card Search
  • Gatherers and Pricing Script Updates
  • Responsive Design Fixes
  • Non-English Expansion Editing
  • Sweepstakes Pop-Up Reset and Redirect Login Bugfix
  • Top Loader Promo on Articles
  • Fixed Reversed User Avatar Link on Sending / Receiving
  • Always use Display Name in Case Emails
  • Prevent Duplicate Point Change Socket Event
  • Fixed Help Center Breadcrumb Links
  • QuickSearch Traders "#Discord" fix
  • AutoPop Expansion Codes on Adv Search now Search only that Expansion
  • Fixed Brazillian Phone Number Validation (Again)

Data Updates since Previous Release

  • Amonkhet
  • Masterpiece Series: Amonkhet Invocations
  • Duel Decks: Mind vs. Might
  • Modern Masters 2017 Edition


v3.4.8 2017-3-24

  • Filter Promoted Wants Only on own Want List
  • Price Limit Red Outline Fix
  • Prevent > 100 Cards in one Trade
  • Better Modal Errors
  • Admin Tool Upgrades
  • Misc Bug Fixes


v3.4.7 2017-3-7

  • Better Automatching on Promoted Trades
  • Display Name Change Restriction Now Enforced
  • Prevent Empty Cases
  • Prevent Unnecessary Card List Refresh 
  • Remove Weird Duplicates & Characters from Expansion Dropdowns
  • Compose Trade Pop-to-Top on Success
  • Pricing Page Changes (Shield, % Discounts Highlighted)
  • Package Promoted Trade CSS Fixes
  • Energy Icons in Font
  • Admin System Enhancements
  • Other Cool Refinements


v3.4.6 2017-2-17

  • Wants over Price Limit highlight to red
  • Promoted Trades info on Pricing and Compose Modal
  • Leaderboard point calculation fixes
  • Modern Masters 2017 Available


v3.4.5 2016-2-10

  • Ledger point send recipient name fix
  • Promoted Trades foil only price fix
  • Nav and Sweepstakes text edits


v3.4.4 2016-2-2

  • Promoted Trades expanded to all cards
  • Visual Wants and mobile style fixes
  • Subscription and Lifetime upgrade fixes
  • MTGO History fix


v3.4.3 2016-1-17

Comprising Promoted Wants, Gifts for All, Various Bug Fixes

  • Promote Wants by setting My Price
  • Gift Trades available to all members
  • Price Calculation fixes
  • Outbound email fixes
  • Safari Copy / Paste fix
  • Etc


v3.4.2 2016-11-18

Comprising Eligibility Updates, Mobile Updates, New Cards, GFX Fixes

  • Better New Trader Eligibility Help
  • Less flicker on Search From Anywhere (SFA)
  • Fixed SFA on Mobile Firefox and other browsers
  • Duels of the Planeswalkers (2010) Added
  • Commander (2016) inc Oversized + Tokens Added
  • Mailchimp Sync Fix
  • Additional Cool Bugs Killed

v3.4.1 2016-11-9

Comprising Trader Filters, Wanted At Date, Message Interface

  • Merged Flux Mode Trader Filters (New, Active) into Puca Live
  • New Recommended Trader Filter for Common members
  • Now displaying card Wanted At dates for all members
  • Chat Interface Enhanced
  • Better Application Monitoring
  • Case Resolution Fixes
  • Many Additional Fixes

v3.4.0 2016-11-3

Comprising FLUX, Search, Speed, and Functional Enhancements

  • Flux: New Mode for Subscribers
  • Flux: Active and New Trader Filters
  • Live: Search Active Trades by Expansion
  • Live: Better Help Searching
  • Live: Clear List moved to Collection
  • Live: Eligibility Reminders and Tour Changes
  • Live: Better Card Pasting into Importer
  • Live: Mobile Design fixes
  • Live: Load More Pagination fix
  • Live: Country Filter Reset fix
  • Live: Send / Receive Block fix
  • Live: Performance Optimizations around site


v3.3.8 2016-10-24

Comprising Mobile UX, Automatching, Pagination, and Performance Enhancements

  • More results per page (mobile)
  • Automatch on Profiles / Add to Package
  • Infinite Scroll replaced with Load More / Pre-fetching in some contexts
  • No Sweepstakes Pop-up for Non-US members on
  • Fix deltas on Active Trades
  • Fix unaffordable "add to package" issue
  • Haves / Wants foil promo pricing better
  • Dismiss Profile Completedness box
  • Removed unused Javascript, sped up mobile loads


v3.3.7 2016-10-13

Comprising Trade Composition, Sweepstakes, Card List Pricing, and Visual Enhancements

  • Simple Leaderboard Badges
  • Fixed Dynamic Price Adjustment on Have / Want Lists
  • Bumped 5 Minute to 8 Minute Trade Compose
  • Better Credit Card Updating
  • Country Name Displayed in Trade Compose
  • Search Sending/Receiving Trades by Address
  • Lock Package Value at Max Member PV
  • Profile Optimizations
  • Go-to-Top Button on Search From Anywhere
  • Day Theme Visual Edits, Left Align Interfaces
  • Socket & Sift
  • Sweepstakes Login Pop-Up Memory


v3.3.6 2016-10-06

Comprising Minor Fixes

  • Sweepstakes Login Pop-up Disabled
  • Prep for Sweepstakes Week 2
  • Case Time Display Fix
  • CMS Page Loading Optimize


v3.3.5 2016-10-05

Comprising Sweepstakes, Gift Trades, and Visual Fixes

  • Sweepstakes Hub -- US-Only, better Terms text
  • Gift Trade toggle and icon display
  • PucaShield time window adjusted
  • Add to Package trader fix
  • Sift and Socket Audit
  • Jumpy card and search results in modals calmed down


v3.3.4 2016-10-02

Comprising Sweepstakes Hub and fixes

  • Sweepstakes Hub -- Enter to win fresh prizes
  • Better available trade pruning based on minimum point value
  • Case admin fixes
  • Leaderboard point calculation fixes

v3.3.3 2016-09-28

Comprising UX enhancements, leaderboards, package pricing and other fixes

  • Day Theme, Cell Lines, Scrollbars, Visual Structural Changes
  • Package Pricing Accuracy Enhance
  • On-page Paper/MTGO toggle
  • Leaderboards are back
  • Most Valuable Trends are back
  • Faster Want loading and no visual image loading on list mode
  • Email alerts for chat messages
  • Admin backend fixes
  • Additional specific fixes


v3.3.2 2016-09-14

Comprising visual, search, admin, and MTGO fixes

  • Close buttons on modals, spaced out line items
  • MTGO foil flag enforcement & pricing cleanup
  • Search by Format for Common members
  • Desktop image loads lighter
  • Ledger respects timezone
  • Country Icons tooltips
  • Admin Merge Cards fix


v3.3.1 2016-09-14

Comprising collection management and available trade fixes

  • Many fixes to import / export system
  • Trades on Nexus after completion
  • Better pruning of stale automatch results
  • Case Resolution fixes



Comprising our first minor version update

  • Significant trade and price gen stabilization
  • Security Audit & Enhance
  • Re-route socket connection to prevent timeouts
  • No country filtering on MTGO trades
  • Profile Customizations (access old background art)
  • Admin Case Resolution fixes
  • Additional Edge Case fixes



Comprising considerable fixes

  • Admin Case Resolution fixes
  • MTGO Bot Simple Load Balancing
  • Inbound Country Filtering fixes
  • Available Trade Gen enhance
  • Fix artist name on profile background
  • Other forgotten bugs killed
  • Re-ordered Nexus to highlight Articles (took two minutes)



Comprising framework upgrades, bug fixes, and graphical enhancements

  • Asynchronous Available Trade Regeneration
  • Asynchronous MTGO Trade Completion & Better Logging
  • Hardened Transaction Integrity
  • Fixed sort by Set
  • Foil Promo Price Fix (Pending Price Regen)
  • Better Active Trade Display Status 
  • Clear Haves now properly marks all cards DELETED
  • Case modal fixes
  • Pricing Speed Optimization
  • Digital Wants back to list on cancel
  • Fewer Noisy Socket Events
  • MTGO Fixes
  • Want Availability Fixes
  • Admin Log Enhance
  • Fix input font line-height on Android
  • Available Trades Line Item Edit
  • Modal animation edit
  • Article edits
  • Help page edits
  • Lightweight Mode edits
  • Admin Log Enhance



Comprising a weekly patch release to address security and usability issues

  • Security patch
  • Remove Haves/Wants/Watches without confirmation
  • Line-item Interface Updates
  • Additional Requested Enhancements



Comprising multiple patch releases made quickly throughout the day

  • Better table indexing on imports, conversations, cases, expansions,  users, cards, etc
  • Moved heavy SELECTs to Read Replica to balance load
  • Have / Want / Watch clear list bug fix
  • Buy Points modal input max fix
  • Inbound country max respect for Package Trades
  • MTGO Event Ticket findability
  • Pricing Runtime Optimization
  • Went from BLAST to murmur on many Socket events
  • Automatch toggle mashclick prevention
  • Blocked Traders visibililty fix
  • Sift Auto-Warn/Ban Integration fix
  • Better Watch / Want date preservation
  • Import now regenerates available Haves / Wants
  • 404 tracking and old mobile redirect
  • Additional Excellent Enhancements



Comprising a Near Total Rebuild of

  • Beautiful new desktop and responsive mobile design
  • Digital (MTGO) trading support
  • Card Condition support
  • Card Language support
  • Package Trading and automatch support
  • PucaShield on Packages
  • Quantity on Wants
  • Peer-to-Peer Chat system
  • Profile Customization
  • Enhanced Settings & new profile controls
  • New Want and Point Trend data
  • Enhanced Quick Card Adder
  • Search from Anywhere (just start typing...)
  • Enhanced Advanced Search System
  • New Member Tour
  • Innumerable cool progressions, large and small



Versioning Overview

PucaTrade is released as a series of major, minor, and patch versions.

Major version releases consist of massive technological and design progressions.

Minor version releases consist of features and important architectural enhancements.

Patch version releases consist of bug fixes and refinements to existing systems.


Major Version History

Version 3 is codenamed Future Site, and was released August 2016

Version 2 was codenamed Revised, and ran from November 2013 - August 2016

Version 1 was codenamed Beta, and ran from January 2012 - November 2013

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