Shipping Guide

- Mail within 48 hours of committing
- Include the trade number
- Use PucaShield to protect your trades
- Put more than 3 cards in a toploader
- Mail people glitter
- Get tape on cards
TIP #1
Double check the condition, set, and language of your card and place it into a sleeve.
TIP #2
Place sleeve in a toploader, aligning its opening with the bottom of the toploader.
TIP #3
Write the trade number & fold the sticky note in half to close the toploader.
TIP #4
A do not bend never hurts.
*may incur an additional postal fee
TIP #5
International shipments weighing more than an ounce often require a value declaration from customs.   The MSRP value for Magic cards is $3.99 per 15-card booster, or $0.26 per card.