Rules and Guidelines


Last updated 6/23/2016


Thanks to everyone for helping improve this site and grow this community.   We appreciate you taking the time to understand the rules below. These topics cover general trading best-practices, as well as restrictions around card condition, language, and foils.

Please check back often to stay current as rules change, and new features and community guidelines are developed often. 

A. General

  1. In all situations, please conduct yourself with compassion and empathy.
  2. Obscenity or profanity directed at site members or site administrators will not be tolerated.  
  3. One account per person per lifetime. Anyone found creating multiple accounts will be subject to both accounts being closed at the expense of all PucaPoints they have accumulated in either account.
  4. Only conduct trades using the "Send Card" button on the Send Cards page. Trades conducted via email, PM, social media, or by any other means external to this process will be ineligible for PucaTrade's trade-guarantee and uncovered by our case-resolution process.   
  5. Do not share or distribute your account login info with the intention of allowing other users to initiate trades on your behalf, contact other users via PucaTrade’s messaging system, or to send or receive PucaPoints.

B. Sending

  1. Every time you initiate a trade, you are entering a contractual obligation to mail the card to your trading partner in the specified edition, condition, and language within the guidelines specified below in exchange for the number of PucaPoints represented at the moment you initiated the trade. 
  2. Deciding not to send a card due to a change in value is not permitted.  Requesting cancellations for trades that have increased in value may cause your account to be debited PucaPoints equivalent to the current value of the card (instead of the value at the moment of trade-initiation) at the discretion of the site administrators.     
  3. Please mail your cards within 48 hours or less from the moment the trade was initiated. 
  4. You are responsible for knowing and adhering to our minimum shipping guidelines.  Always protect the card with a toploader.
  5. Senders are responsible for making sure that all cards arrive in NM or better condition. Please review our condition guide to be sure you understand the differences between cards of various conditions.
  6. Do not attempt to send a card from editions: The Dark, Arabian Nights, Antiquities, Legends, or Chronicles unless you are sure you know what they look like
  7. It is your responsibility to verify the authenticity of cards you are trading. Knowingly sending counterfeit cards will result in the permanent termination of your PucaTrade account at the expense of any accrued PucaPoints you may have. PucaTrade reserves the right to seize any cards found to be fake which are submitted to us by our users, and PucaTrade can use information gained in case investigations to work with appropriate authorities when reporting cases of counterfeit cards.

C. PucaShield Protection

  1. To be eligible for trade protection, PucaShield must be purchased before a card is shipped and within 48 hours of committing to the trade. Cards that are not protected by PucaShield are not eligible for the PucaTrade 100% trade guarantee.
  2. The price of PucaShield protection is a percentage of the protected card's value. That percentage is determined by the Sender's membership level (all prices subject to change):
    • Rare members pay 1% of a card's value
    • Uncommon members pay 2%
    • Common members pay 3%
  3. Trades protected by PucaShield are eligible for both the sender AND receiver to be reimbursed in the event of a trade being lost or damaged in transit.
  4. Senders are eligible for PucaShield protection on all trades up to 3% of the value of their total sent cards. If a Sender's lost packages exceed more than 3% of the total value of cards they have sent, PucaTrade may decline to protect their trades.
  5. PucaShield does not protect against trades not shipped according to PucaTrade's shipping guide, cards that are damaged before shipping, or unshipped cards.
  6. Senders are not required to purchase PucaShield on trades to protect themselves from negligent trading partners; PucaTrade's case admin team will be on hand to assist with any trading difficulties. On unprotected trades, case admins will assist both traders in coming to a resolution. In the event that the traders are unable to come to an understanding, the admins will make a ruling in favor of one party or the other based upon the information available.
  7. When shipping higher-value packages, we strongly recommend utilizing Mail Tracking.  Because Senders are responsible for making sure that all cards are delivered in a safe and timely fashion, documenting the status of your shipment with tracking services may be critical in the event of a dispute. Case admins may ask to see proof of tracking on PucaShielded packages worth more than 20,000 PucaPoints in order for them to be eligible for our 100% Trade Guarantee.

D. Receiving

  1. When you receive cards, please confirm receipt of cards immediately from your Active Trades page, once you've verified that the cards have arrived in the correct condition, edition, and language. 
  2. On PucaTrade, adding a card to your Want List is confirmation that you’re willing to receive the card for the market-rate of the card.  If the market-rate of the card changes it’s your responsibility to remove the card from your Want list in accordance with your own desires to receive it.
  3. For international shipments, if you are subjected to tax by your country of origin, you are responsible for those taxes (not the sender). 
  4. You must provide a shipping address that you have access to and can check in a timely manner.

E. Personal Messages (PM's) and Spam

  1. PM's may not be used for transmitting spam, chain letters, or other unsolicited email including unsolicited requests for Puca Points from members you've never traded with.
  2. When discussing an issue related to an active trade, please use the "Report a Problem" messaging system from the Active Trades page to discuss the issue.  
  3. Contacting PucaTrade's followers on social media to transmit spam, chain letters, or unsolicited messages is strictly prohibited. 

F. Reporting a Problem

  1. Please allow 2 weeks from the date of trade-initiation for delivery, or up to 4 weeks for international trades, before reporting a problem for cards not received (or PucaPoints not credited), unless you utilized postal-tracking services which show that it has been delivered.
  2. You are obligated to respond to Case PM's from your trading partner or a PucaTrade Admin in a timely fashion, within 72 hours of messages being sent to you. After 3 days without a response, a PucaTrade Admin may issue a resolution based on the information (or lack thereof) provided by you in the case notes at that time. 
  3. Do not complete trades for cards that you have not yet received. You cannot open cases for cards you have already confirmed receipt of. 

G. Account Status: Banned

There are some offenses which will result in the immediate and permanent termination of your account, at the expense of all PucaPoints you may have accumulated and any remaining time on your premium subscription.  Here are the offenses for which you may be banned: 

  1. Creating more than one PucaTrade account per person. 
  2. Lying to a case administrator, site moderator, or your trading partner. 
  3. Verbally abusing or threatening a case administrator, site moderator, or your trading partner.
  4. Purchasing anything on PucaTrade using a payment method you don't have explicit permission to use. 
  5. Sending "Spam" or any kind of unsolicited request via PM. 
  6. Disseminating fake or counterfeit cards, or falsely claiming that you have been sent counterfeit cards. 
  7. Disseminating the personal details of your trading partners. This includes your trading partners real names, addresses, or phone numbers.
  8. Repeatedly failing to adhere to any of the rules outlined in the above sections.
  9. Profile content that is deemed unnecessary or offensive.

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