Still here still trading 11/2017

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Ahoy folks! Been playing magic since 98 or so. Gave away my collection a long while ago not knowing the value of it. Puca is helping me get some of those cards back as well as new cool cards I was unaware of. I mostly have standard stuff to trade away and I am currently trying to get into modern.

I've started making wooden deck boxes since I found out that was a thing folks were interested in. Will post my inventory of those in the discord periodically. Hit me up about the boxes if you are interested as I trade them for $45 in cash or for $45 in cards.

Condition is no issue to me so long as it looks good in a sleeve.
Set: don't care really
Location: Chicago

My send limit is usually double the cost of a stamp. I try to send cards out everyday and i confirm received same day.
I also send internationally from time to time to keep puca things going.

I have sent 2832 cards with a total value of 455,443 PucaPoints