For those who want to buy cards, please read: Please keep the number of cards in the trade to 12 or less unless you contact me first. Additionally, if you live outside the US, I will only send packages of 2,000 points or more. Thanks!

I'm open to reciprocal trades- if you see something you want on my haves list and something I want, let me know in a message.

IMPORTANT: I collect Shivan Dragons, if you are sending me one of the Foreign ones on my want list, please be sure that it is the right language and set.

And I'm looking for the following Gold-Bordered/World Championship Deck Cards:

Force of Will x2
Enlightened Tutor x4
Academy Rector x4
Phyrexian Tower x4
Phyrexian Arena x1
Chrome Mox x4
Volrath's Stronghold x4
Gaea's Cradle x1
Scroll Rack x2

If you have any of the cards above, send me a message with the condition and the points you would want.

I have been playing since Urza's Saga.

I have sent 2,426 cards with a total value of 794,256 PucaPoints