International Forever Stamps I have up on marketplace: if you have a trade that already meets the trade threshold I've set, you can add individual stamps to the trade. Otherwise I prefer to only send out 10 of these at a time.

I'm currently buying PucaPoints- $24 for 10k. Let me know if you are interested.

I'm open to reciprocal trades- if you see something you want on my haves list and something I want, let me know in a message.

If you have a foil version of a card on my wants list I'm usually okay with a substitution for the same points. Just ping me first.

IMPORTANT: I collect Shivan Dragons, if you are sending me one of the Foreign ones on my want list, please be sure that it is the right language and set.

I have around 30 completed decks with another 40 under construction. Some of my favorite decks to play include:

Crucible of Worlds
Graveyard Recursion
1 Damage at a time
Flip a Coin (wins 50% of the time)

I have been playing since Urza's Saga.

I have sent 2,927 cards with a total value of 1,119,892 Puca Points