I'm currently buying PucaPoints- $24 for 10k. Let me know if you are interested.

I'm open to reciprocal trades- if you see something you want on my haves list and something I want, let me know in a message.

IMPORTANT: I collect Shivan Dragons, if you are sending me one of the Foreign ones on my want list, please be sure that it is the right language and set. I'm currently looking for an Alpha and Beta Shivan Dragon. If you have one you are willing to part with please contact me and we'll try to work something out.

If you see an HP card on the Puca Marketplace from me and would like to see a picture of the card just let me know.

I have around 30 completed decks with another 40 under construction. Some of my favorite decks to play include:

Crucible of Worlds
Graveyard Recursion
1 Damage at a time
Flip a Coin (wins 50% of the time)

I have been playing since Urza's Saga.

I have sent 3,434 cards with a total value of 1,564,249 Puca Points