Eternal format fan and collector who relocated from Chicago to Knoxville a while back. I am looking to maybe get back into the game again, after taking a few years off.

I first played Magic in junior high, during the time of Revised and Fallen Empires. I played on and off through Tempest in my teens, and then assumed I was done with the game for good. But I somehow got sucked back in during Rise of the Eldrazi Release weekend, and have been acquiring entirely too much cardboard ever since.

*******************************************The "Please Read" section**********************************************

I am a bit of a stickler about condition, and on foils in particular, even a small amount of clouding, scratching, or smudging from sleeved play can cause me to lose interest in a card. So please do not send me anything that isn't M/NM+, especially foils, unless I have given my permission to have you do so. I have had to send back several high end foil cards already that were not up to PucaTrade's condition guidelines, and it kills me each time I must do so. A quick message and inspection of your cards can potentially save us both some hassle and disappointment.

A notable exception to this rule would be on some of the high end Legends and Unlimited cards that I am seeking. I am perfectly happy to make a deal for virtually any condition that can still be legally played in a sleeve for the Power 9 cards that I am still looking for.

English language cards only, please.


If you have a pristine example of a hard to come by foil card on my want list, but I don't have the requisite amount of points available, please contact me. I may well be willing to buy points and help us both make a deal.

As a sender, I will not send you cards that I would not be perfectly satisfied to receive myself. The overwhelming majority of what I send is either pack fresh, or from newly opened sealed product like Event Decks, Commander Decks, Duel Decks, etc.

Here are some of my PucaStats:

You have sent 1059 cards with a total value of 405,163 PucaPoints and you have received 223 cards from other members with a total value of 390,990 PucaPoints.

Sender of the first LEA Fork traded on PucaTrade.

Top 5 Cards Sent (in Puca Points value):
Polluted Delta (JDP) - 24850
Polluted Delta (JDP) - 24500
Fork (LEA) - 19235
Scalding Tarn (ZEN) - 7902
Scalding Tarn (ZEN) - 7739

International destinations successfully shipped to thus far: Argentina, Austria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Norway, Poland, Portugal, the Russian Federation, Singapore, Sweden, and the United Kingdom