As of March 28th 2019, I'm the 57th all-time biggest sender (as far as card volume goes).



Note that I may accept cards from a different set than the one listed if they are black-bordered and are roughly the same value. Message me beforehand to confirm.

Condition doesn't really matters, as most cards I'm looking for are for casual play. Let me know if you have something SP/MP and we can negotiate a value that will be to your advantage

Willing to go out of my way to get Revised duals to finish my playsets. Only 9 to go !!!




Paying 20% bonus upon receiving card(s) for all packages .

Paying an additional 5% bonus on all packages worth more than 2000 points.

Also, if I'm low on points and you want to make sure that your bounty will be honored, do not hesitate to PM me I usually have some packages transiting and can easily confirm that there will be enough incoming points to cover your reward.

Please note that I won't pay these bonus for cards received via promoted trades or reciprocal trades.

Finally, if you send me cards, I'll make sure to check your WANTS to see if there's anything I can send back your way.



I do have a few friends from my LGS on Pucatrade. You can combine your shipping to one of us and we will make sure to give the cards to their new owner at the next FNM..



Notable cards received so far:

4 Revised Underground Sea
1 Revised Volcanic Island
1 Revised Bayou
1 Revised Tundra
1 Revised Badlands
1 Revised Plateau
1 Serra's Sanctum
1 Tolarian Academy

Notable cards sent so far:

1 Unlimited Badlands
1 Rugged Prairie (Expedition)
1 Jace, the Mindsculptor (EMA)