Old School staples
Beta Basics
May not have them on my list but happy to recip trade if possible. Just message me!

CE Power! Specifically Mox Ruby and Ancestral Recall but happy to work out a deal for any of it.

Notable Available Trades:
1x Expedition Windswept Heath
1x Invocation Containment Priest
1x FRF Ugin, Spirit Dragon
1x MM15 Cryptic Command FOIL
1x MM15 Fulminator Mage
1x NPH Surgical Extraction
1x EMA Enlightened Tutor
1x Walking Ballista
1x MM17 Damnation

Started playing back during Revised, took a break and lost the collection to a flood (sigh) but now I'm back! Old School, Modern, Battlebox help me scratch the itch!

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