Thanks for browsing my wants. I would apricate all trades. Trying to finish playsets of fetches and a couple of commander decks.


Marsh Flats 3/4
Scalding Tarn 2/4
Arid Mesa 1/4 (One On The Way 2/4)
Verdant Catacombs 1/4
Misty Rainforest 1/4
Polluted Delta 2/4
Wooded Foothills 1/4
Windswept Heath 2/4
Bloodstained mire 1/4
Flooded Strand 2/4

Please Read: I just got Membership 10/31/2021 Halloween. I haven't had a chance to switch everything over to the proper language, so please hang with me. Please be aware of proper grading when sending cards.

Super sad that pucatrade is going out i just joined the membership. I will be sticking around for the last 30 days either way and looking for reciprocal trades. Please message me if you are wanting something that i have on my list and we can accept terms. Thank you all and happy trading

I love collecting Reserved List Cards "Any and All". Been Playing Since Khans Of Tarkir.