Please take a look at my FRIEND Jordan's profile too! He promotes a lot and you can put things for us in the same envelope to save on stamps:

I am willing to PROMOTE all cards on my list.. many of them I haven't promoted yet because they are printed in multiple sets and I would lose visibility by promoting just one version. If you want to make a DEAL please send me a MESSAGE!


I am always working on new brews, so I put up a lot of random wants.

I have an addiction to brewing decks.. and making them happen thanks to PucaTrade!

DJ Jazal G (DONE!)
Ezuri Basic (DONE!)
Hapatra non-infect (DONE!)
Temmet Insta-Tokes (DONE!)
Phenax, god of Mills (DONE!)
Zombies.. hey hey hey (DONE!)
Thromok Death Swarm (DONE!)
Grenzo, small and mighty randomness (DONE!)
Oona jumping faeries (Mana Drain)
Horobi Death Fingers (Mirage Mirror)
Shu Yun the Iron Fist (Sulfur Falls)
Kambal Sucky (Crested Sunmare)
Gahiji Beasts (Spinal Villain)
Mizzix Boring (2 lands)
Iroas Legion (2 to go)
Thelon, a few FunGuys (2 to go)
Saffi Value (3 to go)
Doran Treefolk (4 to go)
Zo-Zu the burninator (7 to go)
Experiment Kraj Combo (7 to go)

Faerie Ninjas (DONE!)
Sage of Combos (Walking Ballista)
Bouncy Playground (2x Noble Hierarch)
Doran Big Booty (1x Noble Hierarch)

Psh.. If I'm forced to play I just grab whatever cards I have.