Please take a look at my FRIEND Jordan's profile too! He promotes a lot and you can put things for us in the same envelope to save on stamps:

I am willing to PROMOTE all cards on my list.. many of them I haven't promoted yet because they are printed in multiple sets and I would lose visibility by promoting just one version. If you want to make a DEAL please send me a MESSAGE!


I am always working on new brews, so I put up a lot of random wants.

I have an addiction to brewing decks.. and making them happen thanks to PucaTrade! Currently trying to build one of each color combination for EDH.

WUB: Clerics United (Containment Priest)
U: Thassa Seamonsters (Endless Atlas)
x: Traxos Artifacts (Darksteel Plate)
WUBG: Witch-Maw Multi-Colored (6 to go)
WUBR: Yore-Tiller Cycling (8 to go)
UBRG: Infect (11 to go)
W - DJ Jazal G (DONE!)
WG: Saffi Value (DONE!)
UG: Ezuri Basic (DONE!)
G: Reki Legends (DONE!)
UBG: Damia Value (DONE!)
URG: Riku Wizards (DONE!)
WRG: Gahiji Beasts (DONE!)
UR: Mizzix Boring (DONE!)
WB: Kambal Sucky (DONE!)
WR: Depala Vehicles (DONE!)
WBG: Doran Treefolk (DONE!)
UBR: Sedris Unearth (DONE!)
BR: Grenzo Doomsday (DONE!)
BRG: Jund Randomizer (DONE!)
BG: Hapatra non-infect (DONE!)
WU: Temmet Insta-Tokes (DONE!)
R: Zo-Zu the burninator (DONE!)
WUBRG: Najeela Warriors (DONE!)
UB: Phenax, god of Mills (DONE!)
WBR: Licia Enchantments (DONE!)
BG: Thelon, a few FunGuys (DONE!)
WUR: Shu Yun the Iron Fist (DONE!)
B: Horobi Death Fingers (DONE!)
RG: Thromok Death Swarm (DONE!)
UG: Experiment Kraj Combo (DONE!)
BR: Grenzo, small and mighty randomness (DONE!)

(I share cards worth more than $5ish between decks, so for example I have 6 decks that run Arid Mesa, but I only own 1 Arid Mesa. I don't want to be greedy!)

Sage of Combos (DONE!)
Doran Big Booty (DONE!)
Bouncy Playground (1x Noble Hierarch)

Psh.. If I'm forced to play I just grab whatever cards I have.