Cards on my want list are more then likely for a set so, I need the set listed on my want list. If you believe the card you are sending in less then the condition you would like to receive, send a pic and we can work something out.

I have been playing since 95. At this point, I mostly draft, but have fun playing legacy and vintage.

Another interesting fact: I have two original magic art work pieces, done by Lars Grant-West. The story behind them is alluded too, in this blog post on his site.

I am looking for European revised FBB Dual lands. Any of the 3 languages are fine. If you have any you would be interested in moving please message me.

Notable cards I have sent out:
Moat (Italian legends)
Foil Misdirection (Mercadian Masques)
Mox Diamond (Stronghold)
Jace, the Living Guildpact SDCC 2014 EXCLUSIVE
Demonic Tutor [Revised Edition] x 13
Ancient Tomb (Tempest) x7

Have gladly sent cards out to: Italy, Denmark, Puerto Rico, Poland, Canada, Japan, Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Brazil, Belgium, Cyprus, Australia, UK, and South Africa.