5/3/2017 - Still here! Still Trading!1

If there is ever a problem with the condition of a card I sent you, please contact me and let's try to work it out! Old player from Revised, with a few sellouts along the way.

Just started playing Vintage! Almost every event allows at least 15 playtest cards. If you ever wanted to play vintage, do it! Message me if you want more information.

Interesting Haves:
-GP Columbus - Geist of Saint Traft Playmat

-Have Toploaders! Let me know how many you need! Let's work out the points.

- Message me for bounty after trade completed, if I forget.

- If you have a large number of my wants list but are concerned about shipping, please contact me and see if we can figure something out.

- Generally ship out on Mondays. If you need card faster, send a message please. Thanks and Happy Trading.

- Need recips? Message me. A lot of my list I won't recip for, if it is not a high priority want. If you think you have a hot card and need to get something in return, message me!