40% Bounty on Zendikar Fetches, Sunken Ruins, or Cascade Bluffs and Combustible Gearhulk Masterpiece/Noxious Gearhulk Masterpiece.

If you are thinking of sending a card, shoot us a message, we might be willing to hook you up with some bonus points depending on what you are sending.

Hey, we're a small LGS in the mid-Michigan area run by two friends from college named Aaron and Dylan. We try and have a couple decks for each format at the shop so that there is always one available for someone to play. We are also just finishing up (or tweaking) our in-store Cube.

Most of the time we use Puca to either fill out decks for the store, or try and get our hands on hard to find cards for our customers. Our big metas here are Modern and Commander (although we are working on bolstering out Standard community).

We don't mind getting lp cards, or ones from other sets, we just need a heads up first so we can work out a fair deal. Sometimes our players really care about condition/set, and sometimes they just want the cards to play them.

5/22/16: You have sent 246 cards with a total value of 357,017 PucaPoints and you have received 440 cards from other members with a total value of 309,996 PucaPoints.