Pago preço de Inglês em carta em PT!
Tudo na want com 10%!

Because Tonic Water is the best drink ever. Right? Right.
I'll take cards in English and Portuguese but you can contact me first if you have doubts about language :)

BRs: POR FAVOR coloque algum tipo de proteção no envelope, um papelão já serve. Eu divido uma caixa de correio com outras pessoas e é muito fácil amassar quando lota. O papelão já garante que eu receba sua carta em perfeito estado!

Also, if you wish you can write something on the card in your language :D I'm a commander player so I enjoy having singletons that are special and you, sir or lady, are special. Just ask me first because sometimes it might be a card that I'm getting for someone else!

Please do not declare the price of the cards outside the package, customs here is pretty picky and your cards won't arrive.

If you have any questions about me accepting the condition your card is in just send me a message :)