Hello all, just looking to trade some cards to finish sets I have started and complete playsets. I do my best to mail cards out as soon as possible and mostly only ship cards on Monday, Wednesday and Friday usually. So if I mark cards Shipped on a weekend or something it will be in the mail Monday, etc. Thanks!

ATN: PLEASE pm if cards are less than NM or are non-English and maybe we can work something out. If I get something without a message that is less than NM I'm more than likely going to have to send it back, so please just send a message to save time please.

Anything over 5000pp I request a message and some pictures first.

Also I am looking for any UltraPro Binders with set covers on them that are NM or very close. If you have any of these and are willing to part with them message me and we can work something out as well!