Your friendly neighborhood Cardboard Crack Dealer here:

If you have a high end foil on my list, and want a non-foil back in trade, I can most likely accommodate. Just shoot me a message.

If you have some cards on my list and have a better promotion from someone, let me know. I will beat most offers!

Currently looking for the last dual lands to complete my playsets. I am offering a 50% bonus on NM and SP. if you have something less than SP send me pictures anyways, we can still make something happen, I will still pay full price for worse conditions.


20% on Foil Leovold Emmisary of Trest

15% on anything worth over 5000 points. ( Anything sent after 2/9/17)

10% Bonus on Promos - Judge, FNM, WMCQ etc.

50% Bonus on Expeditions & Masterpiece Invention cards.

If I miss your bonus for some reason, please just send me a message and I will get it to you ASAP.

I will always pay whatever Bonus is bigger, but I wont "stack" them, for instance if its an FNM promo worth 5500 points, I'd give you 15%, not 25%.

Foils MUST be NM. If its something super rare, message me and maybe we can work something out if its SP.

I NEED the set listed, not a different printing, please only send the requested sets.

Please make sure you package cards in such a way that you would like to receive your own cards.

Thanks for trading.