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I am willing to accept cards in LP condition for NM value as long as you supply pics first. Your definition of LP might be different than my definition of LP...

Have, but not listed (make an offer!):
~Unopened Duel Deck: Jace vs Vraska

My decks are:
Standard: (playing on Arena exclusively)
Pioneer: Golos Maze's End
Pioneer: Jeskai Yorion Lukka Fires
Modern: Foil Merfolk
Modern: KGC Tron / Eldrazi Tron
Modern: Building Foil Humans (help me! The cards I need are in my wants!)
Modern: Boros Burn
Legacy: Oops, All Spells!
EDH: Promo Foil Purphoros
EDH: Animar Free Spells
EDH: Teysa's Planeswalker Prison
EDH: Muldrotha Recursion
EDH: Golos Maze's End Win-Con's
EDH: Chulane
EDH: Rielle Cycling

My kids EDH decks:
Selesnya Beaters (Trostani/Dromoka/Sigarda)

~Foil Humans:

~Foil Fish: 2x Master of the Pearl Trident; 4x Spreading Seas; Oboro

~Promo Purphoros: foil borderless Leyline Tyrant, foil Borderless Terror of the Peaks, foil borderless Torbran, Thane of Red Fell
foil Reiterate, foil borderless Fabled Passage, foil ZNR Expo Prismatic Vista, foil ZNR Expo Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle, foil full art Mountain ZNR #277, foil signature spellbook Cathartic Reunion

~After agressively trading away all my Duals, Fetches, and Shocks in early 2017 to build my first EDH decks and my first "tier" modern and legacy decks, I am now on a mission to rebuild my mana base. Aiming for 1-of each two- and three-color lands for EDH (i.e. Revised Duals, Check Lands, Buddy Lands, Pain Lands, Temples, Man Lands, etc) and a playset+1 of all Constructed Competitive two- and three-color lands for deck building flexibility (i.e. Fetches, Shocks, Triomes, Fast Lands, Canopy Lands, MDFC's, etc).

As of 11/02/2020: Sent 3104 cards for 3,268,431 points

Non-MtG interests: Craft Stouts (esp. Barrel Aged); Minnesota sports (cards and memorabilia)

PoGo Trainer: 4838 6895 0097

Also, I collect official WotC tokens. Throw-ins are appreciated!