We are a game store in southern New Jersey. We use puca to move locally unwanted cards for ones players request and standard playsets.

Make a fellow magic player happy and send us some cards! Over all the employees we have done over $45k worth of puca sends, send to us with CONFIDENCE!

Visit us on facebook or stop by in person! Magic events 3 times a week! Monday, Friday and Saturday!

As of 10/9/17 - You have sent 954 cards with a total value of $24,798.45 and you have received 2569 cards from other members with a total value of $22,518.39

+20% on all incoming trades!

Not on promoted trades, that bonus is built in and is always greater than the 20%. We usually have a promoted trade and some regular's on our list.

If you want to send more than one at the promoted price, that is fine. The bonus one non-promoted ones sent in addition will be adjusted .

High score's !!
Cards Sending-Total: 77 Cards, 240,118 Points
Cards Receiving- Totals: 47 Cards, 178,478 Points

Happy trading!