Note about condition: Anything under 1000pp is negotiable, contact me. Set normally doesn't matter either , but please contact me.

I played Magic back in the day when Revised had just came out, and then stopped shortly after Ice Age. I hopped right back in at the Fate Reforged prerelease and have been hooked, once again, ever since. I gave Standard a try and I just don't appreciate how fast everything rotates out, and with the new rotation schedule thats even faster now so I think I am going to leave that alone. Everything you see here on my want list is either going straight into an EDH deck or I've decided to branch out in modern. (almost definitely EDH though, that's my favorite by far)

I am only interested in English cards. I ship cards in penny sleeves inserted into top-loaders with the trade number(s) clearly identified. Any transaction over 2500 will be shipped in a bubble mailer.