First, I work with a local non-profit home for abandoned, abused and neglected teens. Several of these students really want to learn magic, so I'm building a small arsenal of simple mono-color or straightforward dual-color commander and regular decks. A lot of my list that is random monocolor cards not currently used in popular formats are for these reasons. If you have additional ideas for simple commanders, or a deck idea that they may appreciate playing with as new players, please send me a message so I can consider adding it to my wants! Also, most full art lands on my list are for this purpose as well. I want these students to be able to play with something memorable and cool! Also, the first green Commander deck I built them is Jedit Ojanen of Efrava, so if you have any Cat Warrior Forestwalk tokens, I would love to use them there! Lastly on this note, if you have any extra sleeves available, lightly used, please let me know for that same reason.

Please don't send cards "non-machinable" without paying extra postage. I've had to pay far too many "postage due!"

Also, I play Krenko in EDH, and I LOVE being able to play with a pile of tokens rather than using dice. So if you have a Goblin token of any edition as a throw in to trade, I will always accept more! Additionally, due to Desecrated Tomb existing, I will also accept a big pile of bat tokens. For standard and modern both!

Typically building approximately 900 decks at a time. Currently:
EDH: mono blue wizards, Nekusar, Oloro, and Mishra.
Modern: Soul Sisters, DnT, Slivers, Delver
Standard: Anything, the more the merrier, and the more casual the better.