I absolutely love Pucatrade. As of 10/3/2017 I have completed 5,971 trades for a total value of 1,146,483 Pucapoints. My biggest send to date is All Hallow's Eve and my biggest receipt is Force of Will.

Building decks is my passion, I pretty much only trade for cards I need for decks. I currently have 15 EDH/Commander, 5 tiny leaders, and over 30 decks spanning legacy, modern, and standard.

I am a very reliable trading partner. I always use pucashield when sending. Before promotions existed I offered and gave out many bonuses. I like promotions but since they cost puca points I can't offer them on everything. If there is something on my want list you are willing to send but want a higher bonus let me know and we can work something out.

If you send me something I will always check your want list to look for reciprocal trades.

Thank you and happy trading!