Different editions of cards on my want list are fine, so long as they're black-bordered.

Always looking for cards for Standard, Modern, and EDH!

I'm also looking for a lot of foils, cant' get enough of 'em! If you have a foil card not on my list, please. DM me as I might be interested in that, too.

Current EDH Decks:

Kaalia - Death from above
Trostani - Life gain and tokens
Meren - Graveyard shenanigans
Uril - Enchantment goodness
Omnath - Elemental/Landfall
Brago, King Eternal - Flicker for vaIue
Nekusar - Draw to death
Ezuri, Claw of Progress - Ant Men become Giant Men
Daretti - Artifact goodness
Edgar Markov - Vamps
Mizzix of the Izmagus - Spells
Varina - Zombie Tribal
Kadena - Mighty Morphin'
Chulane - Bounce
Yawgmoth - Dr. Value
Obosh- Watch the world burn
Kalamax - Double Trouble
Narset - Extra Turns
Ghave - Wombo Combo

Current Modern Decks:


Current Pauper Decks:

Boros Monarch

Also, please ship the cards you agree to send within 48 hours as per Pucatrade rules. Thanks, Pucatraders!

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