give and let give pucapeeps

bear with me and the marketplace, we had planned on moving so some stuff is packed up. dont hate me :(

addendum: cards on my marketplace haves under 500 points are either NM or SP at worst, if condition is worse than SP i will message you. my asking price reflects SP

i started playing/collecting around tempest, and now my 13 year old is becoming my padawan.

modern decks completed thanks to the generosity of puca: merfolk, affinity, spirits, jund, humans

legacy: miracles and grixis delver

10-31-18 new quest started: quest FOR duals. as of 12-6-18, 3 received, 2 more committed. EXCITEMENT!!!!!!!
update. now up to 14 duals incoming as of 12-18-18
thank you puca!!! 2 more duals as of 1-3-19. 4-17-19 update. 2 underground seas left to complete this quest that started from 10-31-18

update. 4-21-19 quest for duals complete: final count 23 revised dual lands from puca.

thanks for looking pucafam!

good traders:
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