**I prefer NM cards but let's talk regardless of condition **

Power Nine Obtained on Puca: 9/9

Please don't message me asking if I have OR need cards. My cards are ALL in my Puca database AND auto match is always on. If you have a want up and it's worth the trade i'll already be on it.

Please note, if there is an issue with the trade we have made, PLEASE open a case. I often have 7-10 pages of active trades going. Using the system provided allows me to hone in on YOUR problem in the fastest way possible, so I can help solve it faster.

Fun Firsts for me on Puca:
- 1st Trade (receiving) U-Black Lotus on Site
- 1st Trade (receiving) of a Mox on the Site
- 2nd Mox trade (receiving) completed
- First member to 1,000,000 points sent.
- First member to 50.000 confirmed cards sent.

Guys, please note. I am now getting several messages a week on how to be a great trader. I honestly don't have time to coach everyone, so let's lay it out here as best as I can.

1) read this article before asking anyone anything about Pucatrade. It's basically where I learned many of the 'tricks' I am using today.

2) now, actually do the things from that article.

3) Inputing your collection into the site is KEY. You think that's too hard, or takes too much are wrong. please move on.

4) Being on the site, and checking 'available trades' often is the ONLY way to boost your numbers. there is no magic. It's 3+4 which are the real keys.

5) Have fun! There are some great people in the Puca community!

6) If I haven't accepted a trade with you, the odds of me having a card you are requesting on the site are ZERO. ALL my cards are in my database. No match means I don't have it.

As of today; 2017-04-18 11.02.27.png?dl=0