If I owned a MTG Online Singles store, it would be called 'Hanrahan's House of Wayward Commons'

Happy to be back after a three year break. Making a ton of trades again like the good old days. To celebrate, until I run out, I have a pile o' stuff. I'm going to randomly draw one and include a card with your order. Could be meh could be winnah! ;)

Days of Yore credentials
Power Nine Obtained on Puca: 9/9

Fun Firsts for me on Puca:
- 1st Trade (receiving) U-Black Lotus on Site
- 1st Trade (receiving) of a Mox on the Site
- 2nd Mox trade (receiving) completed
- First member to 1,000,000 points sent.
- First member to 50.000 confirmed cards sent.