Hi Puca friends! Find me on Discord as Davide Fierro.

I'm a magic player since Legion expansion set, where I found an Akroma in my first packet! Actually playing modern, legacy and pauper.
My decks are Modern Ghostway, Merfolk, Slivers, Legacy D&T, Pauper Reanimator, Rebels, Infect. Now working on Slivers EDH.

I'm taking every card (with less value) at english value. We can try to figure out a way to get you a bonus if you would like to send something. Thank you!

(for traders outside EU) please do not put the cards' value on the package while shipping ! In case of customs taxes the package will be returned and the trade will fail!
(trading via pucatrade is not a purchase so no customs taxes are due, but if you put a value it can be mistaken for a sale)

You have sent 532 cards with a total value of 153,186 PucaPoints and you have received 295 cards from other members with a total value of 147,174 PucaPoints.

Thank you