5/19/20: The higher promoted bonus, the better i am expecting the card condition to be. Please DO NOT send a scratched up card expecting to claim a 200% bonus.

I have been informed by other members that in fact I AM anal and nitpicky about card condition. I inspect all my cards individually under bright light from all angles. I DO NOT ACCEPT SP OR LP CARDS.

Please dont send something thats obviously not NM. I can forgive small, small, tiny things but please use good judgment. If you have doubts, please ask with pics. NM is more than just the edges, its the card surface as well. If it looks like its been played on a dirty table unsleeved for 10yrs, its probably a good idea to NOT send it to me. This is especially true for cards from pre-khans sets.

As of 11/15/16, offering +20% bounty on my entire want list for NON-PROMOTED cards.

English only please.