From the land of the frozen interior of Alaska. I prefer for all cards to be in NM condition as is required by Pucatrade. However if you do have something less than NM you can contact me and we can work out the details of a trade that will work out for the both of us! I mostly want older cards from Alpha/Beta/UL and or rare cards(lands/promos/awesomeness) and foil rares from other sets. Also prefer english but am not opposed to Japanese, Korean, or Russian depending on the card. Thanks for taking the time to view my page!

I also am very into FOILs and Foreign Printed Foils. Let me know what you have and maybe we can work something out.

Also FBB Duals are my absolute favorites. I have alot of cards to trade into these so let me know.

Arcum Daagson Foil Nice Bonus MSG ME