First off I am VERY bad at crediting you points if i have an issue with any of your cards because i simply forget to accept the cards once things have been fixed please send me a message and i will get to it as fast as I can thanks.
Please let me know what you have and I can consider doing promo points

For Buyers my minimum sending limit is 500 Domestic and 800 international please keep in mind if I am sending a(domestic) letter envelope the maximum cards are 8(small) and 27(large in a 9 card page and cardboard from a cereal box) cards after that I would need to send a first class package envelope which costs me $5 Domestic I have no idea about international but I am sure it's easily $15 right now so please keep that in mind, and finally if you ask for 1-7, 9-15, 17-26 or 28 or more cards I will send a signed token/land or card
I will buy extra pp from you if you are a trusted source

I will trade you points for bulk rares and card saver II in bulk 5pp ea rares 25pp card saver II

Before you send me cards please check make sure to check the front AND BACK of the card for condition i have to open far too many cases because the front looks great but the back is not the same condition. I am making MINT/NM sets to sell on ebay so the exact set AND condition is VERY important so if you see that i only want a NM card double check the card!

Never send cards media mail/parcel select to Hawaii either send them in a letter, First class package or, Priority Flat Rate
as parcel select/media mail gets sent to California and put on a barge which takes an extra 2 months to deliver

Discord Name 808Shaka

Now level 4 on TCG! andPower Seller and Top Rated on Ebay!

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I would love any language/grade dual lands I am offering as SPECIAL bounty of a Package of Macnuts and or 8oz 100% Kona Coffee depending on what duals are being sent and condition so you will be getting a $5-30 value in my special bounty please message me to work out a deal.

I will also consider trades that involve console system games(Nintendo, Sega, Playstation, ect...), comics especially graded ones. If you have Old collectible card games or Mage Knight or Hero Clix that you just want to get rid I may be interested also