Looking for War of the Spark Rare and Uncommon Planes Walker's in BULK!
Up to 120 copies each of:
Ajani the Greathearted
Chandra Fire Artisan
Domri,Anarch of Bolas
Sarkhan the Masterless
Sorin Vengeful Bloodlord
Tamiyo Collecter of Tales
Huatli the Sun's Heart
Davriel,Kasmina and Teyo

PLEASE mark your trade Air Mail!
Just had 1 trade take over 8 weeks(23rd January-25th March 2015)
that didn`t have Air Mail on them,so a simple Air Mail stamp/sticker might save us both a lot of worry.

Looking for Foils and cards signed by the Artist!.

As of November 15,2016-I have sent 5656 cards with a total value of 4,047,488 PucaPoints and I have received 6502 cards with a total value of 4,248,272 PucaPoints!