Looking for Modern Horizons art cards,paying 100 pp for most,200 pp for the more valued ones,up to 6 of each wanted!
Main wants:
Urza,Lord High Artificer
Echo of Eons
Sword of Truth and Justice
Sword of Sinew and Steel
Serra the Benevolent

PLEASE mark your trade Air Mail!
Just had 1 trade take over 8 weeks(23rd January-25th March 2015)
that didn`t have Air Mail on them,so a simple Air Mail stamp/sticker might save us both a lot of worry.

Looking for Foils and cards signed by the Artist!.

As of November 15,2016-I have sent 5656 cards with a total value of 4,047,488 PucaPoints and I have received 6502 cards with a total value of 4,248,272 PucaPoints!