IMPORTANT: I'm going to be roadtripping this summer so I won't be able to receive cards until August or so!

Join my discord server using the following link: I'm buying/selling cards and PucaPoints there so you can see my latest rates there!


In terms of total points sent, I'm the #1 trader on PucaTrade! I will send out as much as I am sent for as long as I can. English cards only please, though. Please make sure that they're NM as well. I'm not too strict about these things but I do care - if I send your card out someday I want to be able to claim it's NM for the receiver. If you have any doubts about card conditions, just send me a picture. This is especially important if you're sending internationally.

A few misc notes:

- I have a lot of promotions, but also many cards on my want list without promotions. In some cases I might be willing to offer my going promotion rate on the unpromoted cards, but please check with me first.

- I am generally not going to be interested in reciprocal trades or random solicitations to send stuff, sorry. I offer bounties and send cards out for bounties, and having to manually negotiate these things can be awkward. If you are offering a good bounty on cards and I have something to send you, I will find you, trust me.

- I am generally interested in foil versions of all the cards on my list. If there's a foil you want to send and it's not on my list, just ask me and I'd probably be willing to add it.