If other than English language, set and condition, kindly pm me.

If I don't have enough points for the cards, kindly pm me. I will do my best to accumulate some points.

If u have the cards and want to send it out which not listed in my wanted list, kindly let me know. We can sort it out.

I have the cards if u are interested:
Reiterate (Time spiral - French)
An-Zerrin Ruins (Homelands)
The Wretched (Legend - Italy)
Life Matrix (Legend - Italy)

Stoneforge Acolyte
Stone Haven Outfitter
Harsh Scrutiny
Vessel of Malignity
Just the Wind
Brood Monitor
Eldrazi Devastator
Swarm Surge
Nest Invader
Ruin Processor
Call the Scions
Salvage Drone
Void Attendant
Silent Skimmer
Deathless Behemoth
Flayer Drone
Blighted Gorge
Catacomb Sifter
Complete Disregard
Forerunner of Slaughter
Makindi Sliderunner
Eyeless Watcher
Eldrazi Skyspawner
Tide Drifter
Kragma Warcaller
Nylea's Presence
Tormented Hero
Dark Betrayal
Nylea's Disciple
Lightning Strike (Jap)
Mogis's Marauder
Pharika's Cure
Aqueous Form
Akroan Hoplite
Gleam of Battle
Madcap Skills
Foundry Street Denizen
Verdant Haven
Ultimate Price
Commander's Authority
Tome Scour
Searing Spear
Knight of Infamy
Blastfire Bolt
Hindering Touch

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