Offering a 5% bounty on all cards received

I will take cards that are less than M/NM, please don't hesitate to message me about them, especially with duals and FoW :)

Mostly interested in foils! NM please, scans are appreciated for higher end cards. I DO accept foreign cards most of the time, feel free to ask. For European languages I usually request a 10% discount.

I DO want the specific edition noted, thanks.

PLEASE don't require a signature for anything being sent to me, it will just cause trouble for me if not both of us. Thanks.

I have a great deal of premium sealed products available, PM me if interested and we can try and figure something out. Please don't message me expecting a steal. It's common knowledge that 100 PP is not valued at $1, so I won't give you the TCG low or eBay low converted straight to PP. My general asking price is the TCG mid value adjusted for current PP value.

Zendikar Booster Box First Print Run (hidden treasure!)
Worldwake Booster Box
2 SDCC 2013 Black planeswalker set
Japanese Rise of the Eldrazi Booster Box
Commander's Arsenal
2 Counterpunch Commander deck
3 From the Vault Realms
1 From the Vault Legends
Elspeth vs. Tezzeret
Garruk vs. Liliana
Original Jace vs Chandra
Ajani vs. Nicol Bolas
Planechase Chaos Reigns
10 packs Modern Masters 2
16 packs Battle for Zendikar
Eternal Witness GP playmat
Exalted Angel GP playmat

Also, for any DC Deck Building fans, I have promos! Ask about my...
Martian Manhunter oversized hero
Starfire oversized hero
Joker oversized villain
Felix Faust super-villain card
Gotham City Docks location card