I have foreign cards available plus some of the gold border cards from the World Champ Decks.

Set builder and EDH player.

If you send me cards, I will check your want list and if possible will send you what I can in return.

I am not super picky about condition, I normally don't worry about SP/NM as long as it isn't a very expensive card. Most of the old cards on my list I will take in ALMOST any condition. If you are not sure about something you can always find me on Discord - user name is same as here - vman1111.

I am very close on several sets, most cards I am looking for are for this reason so set does matter. I am adding new cards to my want list 2 - 3 times a week.

Now that everything is Promotable, I am bringing back the 50 cent Rare. If I have a rare card listed that is under 50pp LMK and I will promote it to at least 50pp. Any Vintage card I am promoting I will pay the promoted price for SP+.

Please pay attention to set, if it is white border it is NOT from Arabian Nights, Legends, Antiquities or The Dark. These are from Chronicles.

These sets I close to completing.

Eldritch Moon - 9
Shadows over Innistrad - 1

Oath of the Gatewatch - 0
Battle for Zenikar - 0

Dragons of Takir - 2
Fate Reforged - 0
Khans of Takir - 0

Journey into Nyx - 0
Born of the Gods - 1
Theros - 0

Dragon's Maze - 0
Gatecrash - 3
Return to Ravnica - 15

Avacyn Restored - 11
Dark Ascension - 6
Innistrad - 20

Conspiracy:Take the Crown - 6