Hey there!

Send me your cards! I don't care about the condition too much, as long as it's still legible and isn't ripped or anything.
If you've got a card I want in a different set, a different language, or in a different quality than what I specified, that's totally cool! I'll probably still take it, just message me first to check please.

Much of what I have on my want list is bulk rares or commons and uncommons that aren't worth much, so I'd appreciate if you took some time to look through to see if you've got any that I want and you maybe don't have on your Haves list. Thanks!

I am a HUGE Izzet fan, and am collecting as many cards from the guild's colour identity as possible. If you're up for throw-ins, it would be greatly appreciated if you added even one or two cards. I'm always game to keep expanding my absurdly large collection of Goblin Test Pilot.