I've been away from Puca for a while, but due to new airs I'm willing to come back! Let the cards come!!

DISCLAIMER: Please don't write any values outside the envelope as Brazil's customs are waaaay complicated and not worth all the headaches...

I collect Legendary Foils.
Brazilian Portuguese MOSTLY, save the cases where PT-BR foils don't exist at all (as for Conspiracies sets).

Most of my cards are in Portuguese, a few of them are in English. If that's an issue for you, please, let me know.

Here are a few guidelines for those willing to send me cards:

1. I accept cards in any language, but preferably on western characters;

2. I'll accept cards from SP+ condition up. If the card's in a poorer condition, I ask you to send me a picture of it before sending so we can work something out.

Basically, that's it. Good trades for us all.