10% bonus on any cards sent to me. Updated Mar 26th
English only please.

*I'm also on Discord under

Also if you send me cards I will make sure to check your list to see what have to send your way.

*I am set specific because i do collect. If its not for the Set asked for than it will be shipped back. So Please to avoid the trouble please make sure the card is from the right set. Thanks

Slowly getting some sets completed. If it isn't listed it isn't started. Willing to Take Bulk Cards from these sets to get started. Let me know what you have.

*Currently working on completing some sets.
Origins (complete)
Tarkin Block (complete)
M15 (complete)
Thanos Block (complete)
M14 (complete)
Return to Ravnica Block (Complete)
M13 (started)
Innistrad Block (complete)
M12 (started)
Scars of Mirrodin Block (Complete)
M11 (started)
Zendikar Block (started)
Zendikar (Started)
Worldwake (Started)
Rise of the Eldrazi (Started)
M10 (Started)
Alara block (complete)
Lorwyn Block (started)
Lorwyn (started)

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