Hi All, I'm a casual player looking to build more decks and fill out the collection. Top 10 all time trader on Pucatrade by volume. English, NM cards only please. I'll match promotions for any cards on my want list.

**6/20/17 Update - 10% bonus for any total package with a combined value of > 1,000pp (excluding promoted cards). 30% on any land>400pp. These bonuses only apply to non-reciprocal, non-promoted trades unless otherwise discussed.

I mark cards received within 24 hours and and try to send cards within 3-4 days.

I'll gladly pay 30PP for any english modern (from modern sets) NM rare and 40PP for any NM mythic upon receipt. I'll generally buy all that you want to send.

Puca timeline:

*March '15 - Found Pucatrade and became heavily addicted. Loved sending cards to folks who really want them and the puca vibe.
*March '16 - Hit 12K cards sent and made the top 10 traders of all time.
*July '16 - struggled with the botched role out of Future Site which killed both confidence and trade volume. Appreciated some of the Puca team's efforts but Puca leadership continued to blow communications.
*Jan '17 - Broke into the 20K sends club. Gave up on Pucaleadership and focused on what the platform could still do in spite of the damage.
*Jan '18 - Hit 25K sends and decided to renew membership in order to support the new leadership that is taking steps and communications in the right direction.
*May '18 - Feeling like Puca is recovering a bit as points keep getting snapped up (though mostly for standard cards).
*August '18 - Hit 30K sends and will re-assess come Jan '19.

There are great folks in the Puca community even after the rough patches and I hope it will bounce back. Thanks for any sends!