I'm on Discord! nick144mann ID 5454

I am generally interested in most things alpha, beta, unlimited, arabian nights, and legends. If you have some particular cards you are looking to move, let me know. Alpha especially is a big priority for me right now, so let me know what you have and we can figure out an appropriate promo.

I try to make sure everything I send is in the condition I state when innitiating the trade. If you are unhappy with something, please go ahead and send me a message and I am sure we can get something worked out.

I am almost always willing to take foils of any of the cards on my list. Just send me a PM.

PLEASE NOTE: My mailbox is not waterproof. I ask that any cards sent be in a toploader that is completely taped shut or in a team bag. I know everyone hates tape, but water damaged cards are even worse.

I am almost always willing to buy bulk rares for 15PP/rare as long as they are NM, english, black or white bordered, and have a gold symbol.

I like Spore Frogs. Any Sent as Bonuses will be greatly appreciated.