NEW#: Looking for FBB duals, please PM me

Open to other languages, preference for Japanese (studied) but others are fine. However, if the card is 1000+ points or FOIL please contact me about language before hand

If a card spikes randomly out of nowhere, please don't send. I'll cancel the trade

Foil Elephants (or normal in any language)would be awesome throw ins!

ATTENTION: Please DON"T TAPE cards to inside envelope and just PUT the trade number INSIDE the envelope. Much appreciated and makes opening and getting you your points that much easier :)

Commander's Arsenal Dice and Sleeves
Expeditions: PM me

More than happy to send some higher end cards, but I'm looking for some kind of bounty. PM if any questions

Buying points for cash, message me and we can work something out


Buying bulk rares at following rate
10 PP/rare
Message me before sending