I ALWAYS try and find something to send back to make the community flourish!! I wish everyone did the same.

I WILL ACCEPT other versions of the card from different sets, no need for notification.

I will accept M, NM or SP cards that are under 1000 PPs without a notification. Please do not send me heavily played cards. I still want them to look good. Thank you

Anything over 1000 PPs, please make sure it is M/NM. If it is in less condition, write me and send a picture and I will let you know if I am interested for a price we can agree on.

NO FOREIGN CARDS PLEASE! I do not like using them. Thank you

I am always looking to buy bulk cards. If you have a bunch of cards you want to get rid of, message me and we can work something out.

Currently Paying on Bulk:

16PP per Bulk Rare
5PP per Bulk Uncommon
1PP/3 Cards - Common (Only Buying original Innistrad and before)