The end is nigh. So very sad that Pucatrade is shutting down. I will continue to send out cards (USA only) until the end of November.

I appreciate all of you who have helped me grow a collection of Commander decks, running over 100 strong, as well as 60 card casual decks, also over 100.

Maybe we'll see each other on other platforms, if so, let's try to keep the same names. Not 100% on this yet, but might make the trek to Card Sphere.

As one door closes, another opens.

Hello Magic community... you are my friends & my support group (on that last part, talking to the Magic cards)...

NOTE {NEW UPDATE!!!}: I AM STARTING A NEW COLLECTION OF MISPRINTS!!! IF YOU HAVE ANYTHING (and it's not on my list), lemme know & send a couple photos {1 of the whole card & 1 up close to the misprint}. I'll add it if it's the kind of misprint that'll make me smile. One other new note, below this one:

If you have bothered to view my profile.. THANK YOU!!! I know (through experiences here unfortunately), we all can be lazy or stop paying attention to the small details... I'm talking about reading others' profiles. Guess there are good tidbits to get more points or to look for a vague request (such me collection misprints above, or someone wanting cards from a specific artist). Thanks again :)

Been playin' Magic since Christmas of '93... I'm one of them old fogey players.

I ship in PWE's , w/ the toploader taped on the inside to prevent flopping around. Unless I'm low on shipping supplies (envelopes, stamps, tape) I usually ship next day (outside of Sundays & postman holidays).

Happy trading!

Places to find me:
MTGSalvation: Stoogeslap
MTGENexus: DrFunkenstein

If you are in Orange County or are visiting, hit me up! I have a casual Friday night group I play w/ (Commander and Kitchen-Table (I also call it "casual Legacy").

I can also be found at these shops in Orange County [I can meet you if you want to do the trade IRL, opposed to by mail]:
- Card Addiction
- Kingslayer Games
- Magic & Monsters
- SoCal Magic
- Shuffle & Cut

Some fun stats about me at Puca Trade:

- I'm a card game designer. Check out a game I helped design:
You can find us at Amazon, and at some LGS's

- There is a specific name for my avatar: Tupaca... Kaaaash-yyyyyk love...

- Of the list of the most cards sent, I'm in the #72 spot. It's an honor to make the top 100. I take pride in helping this community grow.