Hello Magic community... you are my friends & my support group (on that last part, talking to the Magic cards)...

I really like to recip trade, as it's been a great way to keeps cards-a-comin' while keeping my points well stocked. I feel the site is moving in the right direction.

BIG NOTE FOR RECIP TRADING: My minimum for a recip trade is 400 points. The reasoning behind this is to offset the cost of the stamp and the envelope, which is about 60 cents, or 60 points. [[[ I KNOW RECIP'S ARE PRACTICALLY DEAD - BUT LEAVING THIS UP IN CASE I GET HIT UP FOR A RECIP ]]]

Been playin' Magic since Christmas of '93... I'm one of them old fogey players.

I ship in PWE's , w/ the toploader taped on the inside to prevent flopping around. Unless I'm low on shipping supplies (envelopes, stamps, tape) I usually ship next day (outside of Sundays & postman holidays).

If you do not see at least 400 points, try manually going through my list. I'll accept foil versions of cards, as long as they are under a buck for commons, under $2 for uncommons, under $5 for rares, and under $10 for mythics. This is in regards to recip trades only. If you are sending just so you can get points, send a little, send a lot, etc... everything is welcomed!!!

On another note, prices are constantly in flux, so if you se one of my promotions in the negatives, please let me know (regardless whether you may send it to me, I just want to make the proper adjustment.

Happy trading!

Places to find me:
MTGSalvation: Stoogeslap
MTGENexus: DrFunkenstein

If you are in Orange County or are visiting, hit me up! I have a casual Friday night group I play w/ (Commander and Kitchen-Table (I also call it "casual Legacy").

I can also be found at these shops in Orange County [I can meet you if you want to do the trade IRL, opposed to by mail]:
- Card Addiction
- Kingslayer Games
- Magic & Monsters
- SoCal Magic
- Shuffle & Cut

Some fun stats about me at Puca Trade:

- I'm a card game designer. Check out a game I helped design:
You can find us at Amazon, and at some LGS's

- There is a specific name for my avatar: Tupaca... Kaaaash-yyyyyk love...

- Of the list of the most cards sent, I'm in the #72 spot. It's an honor to make the top 100. I take pride in helping this community grow.