Thanks in advance for any sends! Nothing makes my day like getting magic mail.

I've listed multiple card conditions for many cards, but if you're looking to send something in worse condition, or you're unsure, just ask!

PS: If you have an extra Aminatou art-back sleeve by chance, I would very very happily take one (or two) of those :)

PPS: If you're interested in misprint cards, I have a couple decent ones, including a noticeably shifted Brainstorm [MMQ]

Also, if you enjoy doing throw-ins, I love collecting Worldwake Smother(s)! I do not know why. A glitch in the brain maybe?

[ Notice on packaging: I've received a few too many packages where the cards slid out of the sleeve and the toploader, coming into contact with tape and getting worn by travel :( For me, you, and others, please assume the cards will slide out of their sleeves as much as possible and package in such a way to prevent that. Read a how-to, watch the video - there are some easy tricks! It'll save all of us some trouble in the end. Thanks! UPDATE: haven't had this problem in quite a while. Everyone is doing an awesome job.]