Be sure to try the Discord trades room if you're looking to meet great traders and move cards!

As of 21 July, 2017: You ha3,024,702 PucaPoints and you have received 2237 cards from other members with a total value of 2,963,571 PucaPoints (also 1102 MTGO sends 93,591 pps).

Biggest sends:
Mox Pearl (unlimited- #35 all-time)
Mishra's Workshop (currently #83 all-time),
Chaos Orb (Unlimited)
1 each of Zendikar Fetch lands (expeditions)
Underground Sea (Revised)
Bayou (Revised)
Thunder Spirit (Legends)

Biggest receives:
Library of Alexandria
Unlimited Underground Sea
Unlimited Tropical Island
Unlimited Plateau
Unlimited Badlands (x2)
Unlimited Taiga
Unlimited Savannah
Most of a foiled-out modern Merfolk deck
Mana Drain Judge
Serendib Efreet (Arabian)
Snapcaster Mage Promo
Maze of Ith Judge
Tarmogoyf (FS)
Karakas (LEG, EMA)
Jace, the Mind Sculptor
City of Traitors
4x Wasteland

Longtime modern Merfolk player. Grimgrin (now Gisa & Geralf) tribal zombie EDH. Brand new 93/94 player working on my first deck.

I have grown to love Judge foils, GP/FNM/Pro Tour/Game day/PTQ foils, if there are any that you want to send but aren't on my wants, please let me know!

Thanks to Discord and all of the great pucatraders for helping me to build modern burn as a deck for my daughter to battle with...I didn't have to buy a single card!

English cards only please, and if you're not sure about condition, let me know in advance so that we can work it out (esp for higher value cards that I might be willing to accept SP at full value).