Hello you can find me on discord https://pucatrade.com/profiles/show/47236

ty for reading pls send nm/m cards as my bounties are usually set high... if you have an interesting card in n/m condition thats non standard but modern legal send me a message i try to add as many wants i can think of but open to advice ty for trading and have a blessed day!!!

Please send cards in m/nm condition only please!!! sp may be ok if you message me and we can work out a deal.... i only ask for M/NM condition bc i collect these cards, i cant find people to play with but, i love every thing about these cards so please if you want a good trade your in the right place!!!!

Other than that if you have any questions please feel free to message me! Happy trading!!!!

if you have a card worth 2000+ pp in m/mn condition Especially if you have multi cards (at most a play set) chances are ill take them just message me if not on my wants and ill add it! Also if your still reading lol more into modern cards not so much standard or legacy but you dont know unless you ask or are told!!! TYVM for your time!!