I may ask you to look at my list, asking if there is anything there you can send before I commit to sending you cards...please feel free to ask me the same questions if you want to ensure reciprocity

working on a couple modern decks right now - Saheeli Twin looks crazy (until the next banning) - also completing a full set of The Dark

played actively between Fallen Empires and Tempest block - hoping I can help fill holes in your collection, and maybe continue my pivot into modern decks - l have lots of Revised, 4th, Fallen Empires, Ice, Mirage, up to Tempest block, started playing and collecting again during Khans

as of 10/28/18: sent 637 cards total 157,377 Points/received 321 cards total 116.712 Points

please please PLEASE stop taping the opening of the toploaders - I don't want any cards to get stuck and destroyed - tape some paper over the opening, or better yet, fold some paper inside the envelope so it has no way to come out of the plastic