Thanks for reading my profile. I appreciate it as even though I think I'm a laid back trader it helps make clear what I expect to receive and avoids confusion when sending cards to me.

When sending cards to me please keep these points in mind:

* Condition is very very very important to me. When sending cards to me I'm only interested in cards that are NM/M. This is especially true of foils or high-value cards. Please use Pucas guidelines:

* If you have any concerns about the quality of your cards do feel free to take pictures and message me. It is always appreciated.

* If your cards aren't NM/M do message me and we can possibly work something out if there is an appropriate discount.

* I reserve the final right to be the judge of conditions. I'm not a hardass on condition though as long as Puca guidelines are followed. If I do have any concerns though I typically open a case and have an administrator moderate based on our discussion.

* I prefer English cards but if you have a non-English version of a card I may consider it if it is something you message me about first.

I typically won't accept trades from internationally for medium- to high-value cards but do contact me if you want to discuss.

Thanks again for reading my profile! If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me.