ENGLISH/JAPANESE ONLY, If there are any discrepancies i will return the card at your expense, if the card is less than NM/SP than i will need to be contacted before hand.

I have sent 426 cards with a total value of 398,753 PucaPoints

Looking for a few specific things also, if you have any of them just shoot me a pm and maybe we can work something out.

Foil Spell Pierce.
Foil Sylvan Library.
Foil Baleful Strix x2.
Foil Snapcaster (either art).
Foil Liliana OTV (either).
Savannah (Revised).
Tropical Island (Revised).
Academy Ruins (MMA).
Flooded Strand (Khans).
Creeping Tar Pit x2.
Tolaria West (FTV).
Mishra's Factory (Foil EMA).
Dark Depths (FTV).
Gemstone Cavern (Time Spiral).
Hinterland Harbor (Foil Innistrad).
Tranquil Thicket (Foil Onslaught).
Umezawa's Jitte (BoK).
Endless One (Prerelease).
Ponder (Foil M12).
Gitaxian Probe (Promo).
Thoughtcast (Foil MM2).
Spell Snare (Discenssion).
Counterspell x2 (Dual Deck).
Tasigur (Prerelease).
Cabal Therapy x3 (Graveborn Premium).
Cabal Therapy x1 (Foil EMA).
Unmask (FTV).
Cabal Ritual (FTV).
Aluren x4 (Tempest).
Sylvan Scrying (Mirrodin Signed).
Eternal Witness (Foil MMA).
Freyalise (Commander).
Nissa, Vastwood Seer (Foil Origins).
Vorinclex (Foil New Phyrexia).
Shardless Agent x4 (Judge Promo).
Esper Charm (Foil Alara).
Glissa, The Traitor (FTV).
Glissa, The Traitor (Promo).
Thopter Foundry x3 (Foil Alara)