My motto is #TradeItForward - and while I goof around on discord occasionally, I'm no recip snob and prefer sending to randos.

I've been playing off/on since Unlimited - and while I mostly draft and play EDH, I also dabble in the occasional GP. If you need standard staples, chances are pretty high I have them.

Current commanders:
* Nekusar (you draw a card, you draw a card, everyone draws a card!!!)
* Karametra (ramp w/out much of a win-con)
* Mayael the animal (it's an ETB/Astral slide theme)
* Medomai the ageless (Voltron/take extra turns theme)
* Sen Triplets (a pretty meh version)
* Riku of the two reflections (w/ a token/counters sub theme)
* Zedruu the Greathearted (evil hugs, though not very good)
* Memnarch (all your base belong to us)
* Rhys the redeemed (testing phase going for a blade of selves / Voltron / token doubling / populate theme)
* Gitrog Monster (combo hypnotoad )
* Baral - comply! (Converts to Blind Seer)
* Kalitas - zombie control
* Scorpion god - Wither/Infect

***When it comes to older cards I'm generally pretty easy going about non-NM as long as we message and agree ahead of time. Old cards are meant to be played... but nobody likes surprises :)

For anyone interested:
You have sent 957 cards with a total value of 640,080 PucaPoints and you have received 638 cards from other members with a total value of 569,309 PucaPoints.

Sadly, I can't find where to update this anymore.