I highly recommend the puca discord. With it I was able to finish my legacy deck (including a tundra).

If you have modern / legacy / EDH staples that you're looking to move, hit me up! I'll probably give you a 70% promotion.

-I love signed cards! Feel free to send me a pro or artist signed version any time.
-I love foils! If you have a foil of something on my want list, send me a message and I'll likely be interested.
-If you have something on my want list, and it's not promoted, send me a message and I will likely promote it.
-When in doubt, commit to send the card then message me. I do not mind having to cancel a trade, so please hit send, even when you're unsure. If you or I decide we need to cancel, that's just fine. I'd rather have to cancel than miss an opportunity to trade.
-Thanks for trading! I've had a great experience on PucaTrade so far, thanks to all of you!

I alter cards! If you want to see some of my work or want me to alter something for you send me a message.

If you want to throw in a land signed by you to put in the land bin for my playgroup's cube, I would really appreciate it.

I play grixis in a few different varieties in modern. Historically I play midrange, but I'm currently playing Grixis Control. I'm also building Counter-Cat.
I play Jeskai DelverBlade in legacy.
I play Thrasios + Tymna (90% competitive) and Silas Renn + Sidar (casual) in EDH