Thanks for checking out my profile :)

==>>> Please please please -- DO NOT SEND PLAYED / SCRATCHED CARDS! -- Cards which have scratched surfaces or surfaces that have blemishes on them. If you do, I will ask for postage reimbursement to return the card back to you.

I understand if you don't want to be bothered trading with me. No offense taken. I am a collector, first, then player. To me, the condition of the card is super important!


I've got my own HUGE collection of played cards (thousands and thousands of them, literally) and I don't need more of them LOL. What I'm after right now are the NEVER PLAYED, NEAR MINTs :)

Thanks in advance for understanding.

If you have a question about the condition then it's probably been played :)


FOREIGN CARDS - I've got several hundred. If you are interested in foreign cards, please let me know.


SIGNED CARDS: I've a handful of signed cards too -- for anyone interested. Most are in LP to MP condition though, so please keep that in mind.

Fun cards sent:

Rishadan Port Foil (W0ot!)
Gaea's Cradle
Force of Wills
Alpha Goblin King
Alpha Blaze of Glory
Beta Chaos Orb
Beta Fungusaur
Beta Ankh of Mishra
Beta Gaea's Liege
Beta Kudzu

==> You have sent 69 cards with a total value of 241,728 PucaPoints and you have received 499 cards from other members with a total value of 255,396 PucaPoints. :)